Emmanuel offers Sunday and weekday classes based in scripture and centered in Christ. Our adult Bible-study program is designed to help us better know and understand the Bible, strengthen our relationship with God and one another, and give us hope and courage for daily living.

A brochure with schedules and room locations for adult, Sunday school, confirmation, and youth classes is available in the rack in Ebenezer Hall.

COMING on December 29—An important presentation for all members:
EMMANUEL’S MISSION • 9:15-10:15 a.m. • Ebenezer Hall, Lower Level
(No adult classes this day.)



December 1—February 23
Instructor: Pastor Dennis McFadden
Location: Activities Center, 3rd Floor, School
Join us as we study the first half of Romans and see why this book’s message is “just for you.” Discover why Martin Luther said, "This... is truly the most important piece in the New Testament... It is impossible to read or to meditate on this letter too much or too well. The more one deals with it, the more precious it becomes and the better it tastes.”

From September through May, Emmanuel’s Sunday School provides age-appropriate Bible study and related activities for children from birth through fifth grade. Our program aims to help parents teach their children to know and love Jesus Christ, and to excite and prepare them to share Christ’s love in their daily lives.

We use August 1 as the cut-off date for age/grade/class determination. Our goal is to ensure that students are in the same grade for Sunday School as they are in school. Register your child for Sunday School.

Confirmation at Emmanuel
Jesus commissioned the work of the Church when He said to His disciples, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” According to the words of Christ, Baptizing and teaching are always connected and are both essential components of Christian discipleship. These words from Jesus also guide our approach to confirmation.

Emmanuel Youth Group (EYG) provides opportunities for high school youth to grow in God’s Word, share in Christian fellowship, and serve others in the church and community. The youth meet for study during Bible-class hour on Sunday mornings and again on Sunday evenings for food, fellowship and Bible study.

Growth Groups give our members and guests the chance to grow in friendship and faith by sharing the truth of Jesus Christ in more casual settings. The groups last for a period of three months and are open to everyone. Growth Groups are built around three emphases: study (Bible, movies, books, etc., related to our faith); service (neighborhood or community projects); and social interaction (eating together, bowling, games, walking). View the latest Growth Group catalog.

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Emmanuel-St. Michael Lutheran School

The mission of Emmanuel-St. Michael Lutheran School is to nurture children in the Christian faith within the context of sound academic instruction and to reflect Christ in all relationships.

To learn more, visit the ESM website.

Emmanuel Early Childhood Ministry

Our Mission

Emmanuel Lutheran Early Childhood Ministry Shares Jesus' love with children and their families, providing a high-quality education and nurturing childcare, so that young children can develop their God-given abilities to the fullest.

In his website, Brunotes, Rev. Gene Brunow offers information about each week’s scripture readings, courses on books of the Bible, and devotional readings—all designed to help you grow in knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.

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